is a Berlin-based boutique agency for art direction, content production, text, photography, and design. Emerging from our experience in publishing the interview magazine mono.kultur, we offer a 360° service in curating and developing conceptual, visual, and written content for commercial and cultural projects. We adore all media, from traditional printed matter to film and digital media, but what really excites us are ideas. is a network of dedicated designers, writers, and cultural project managers who have gained considerable expertise not just running an independent publishing venture, but working full-time and freelance for a variety of clients and institutions. The studio is complemented by a vast selection of freelance designers, journalists, photographers, programmers, and producers within Germany and beyond. What’s more, we offer a complete infrastructure for publishing, from production to worldwide distribution.

We believe in sharing ideas, because only shared ideas are useful ideas. We believe in concepts, because styles change. We believe in simplicity, because complexity will reveal itself in time. We believe in design.
We believe in stories, because they help us make sense of our world. We believe in words, because words are an invitation. We believe in images, because images can tell a different story. We believe in quality.
We believe in digital media, because digital media are so 21st century. We believe in print, because print is timeless. We believe in what you say and how you say it. We believe in meaning.
We believe that communication happens between people. We believe in personality, because we like to relate. We believe in attitude, because attitude takes a stand. We believe in honesty, because we are all humans. We believe in warmth.
We believe in surprises, because there is beauty in the unforeseen. We believe in levity and gravity, because opposites attract. We believe that limits are opportunities. We believe in the right answer to a question.